121 Behaviour Modification

Do you have a dog that is fearful of life, noises, people or other dogs? Or perhaps they're overstimulated, impossible to train and will just not settle in the house. All of these issues can leave us feeling overwhelmed, ashamed of our otherwise perfect pup and turn walks into nightmares.

Whether it be teaching them to come when called or how to cope in the situations they find most stressful, our Training and Behaviour packages are made to be bespoke and personal. Designed to address the issues you're facing, while also involving your dog as the individual they are! We tailor each session to help you work out how best to motivate, teach and encourage your dog every step of the way. 

Behaviour Consultation

£120.00 for 1.5 hour consultation

  • Free phone consultation

  • Pre-consult questionnaire 

  • Vet referral and vet communication where necessary 

  • Detailed consultation to identify needs and implementation of training plan 

  • Detailed follow up report

  • Follow up email/phone call

Happy Puppy

Essential Skills

Unable to get your dog to listen? Do they constantly ignore you to run off to other dogs and people or pull you down the street?


Each dog is an individual and learn at different paces, in different ways. This 6 week course will help you to discover what really motivates your dog, and how you can utilise that to help train them in their most difficult surroundings. We put an emphasis on consistency and progression during these 6 weeks and design each step to give you the support and feedback you need when raising and socialising a dog.

There's also Online Coaching option for those that really need or want the support to get the most out of the 6 weeks.

  • 6 x 30 minute sessions

  • Bespoke Training Statedgy

  • Online Support Option 

  • Constant Feedback and Progression

Essential Skills

£140.00 for 6 x 30 min Sessions