121 Training and Behaviour

Recommended for dog owners who need help with problematic behaviours. While i do specialise in areas such as Predation and Engagement, this is a great option should you need guidance and supervision with anything ranging from recall to reactivity. 

Please note that in some cases such as Reactive or Anxious dogs, times of individual sessions may need to be reduced for the sake of the dog. However extra sessions will be provided to make up for lost time, free of charge.

2 Month Training Programme

  • Free 15 minute discovery phone call.

  • 1 to 1 coaching over the course of the programme.

  • 1 In person initial consultation. Ranging from 75 - 90 minutes.

  • 3 additional in person sessions, ranging from 50-60 minutes

  • Access to stooge/calm dogs where necessary

  • Ongoing support via email or phone.

  • Must be used within a 2 month period.

Happy Puppy

1 to 1 Training Walks

This is best suited for those who need an extra hand with their training or those that would benefit from training sessions being done while at work.

Training walks are where I would take the dog out for training against a certain problematic behaviour. All handling and training would be done by me, however on request owners can join the walks to see how the training is implemented.

If this is chosen outside of any training programme a transfer session would need to be arranged so that training can continue.

  • Free 15 minute Discovery Call

  • Four 45 minute Training Walks 

  • Recommended to Supplement 2 month training programme or subsitute for 1 Handover session

Training Walks