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Go out on adventures, enjoy your dog's company and fall in love with the countryside as a team!


Are you worried about letting your dog off lead around exciting areas or do you panic about having your relaxing walk in the forest ruined by your dog running away or chasing wildlife?


Hi, I’m Jake and I help dog owners gain the confidence to let their dogs off lead and start to enjoy walks with each other.


After moving to the new forest with my own particularly prey driven dogs, I began the next challenge of our journey! As the proud owner of an intelligent, hardworking collie (Crash) and a lovable yet… dopey german shepherd (Conker), it quickly became clear that they loved to find things to chase in the forest!


I wanted to be able to enjoy my walks, and the scenery the new forest has to offer. Not to be stressed by the idea of it and constantly vigilant about what might be behind every bush. So, I made it my mission to teach my dogs that interacting with me, no matter where we are, is always going to be the best option.


Since then, what started off as a challenge has turned into a passion and I knew there were other people out there experiencing the same stress and confusion I once had. Sometimes even dealing with the heartbreak of losing their companion after running off into the forest.


I’ve worked hard to learn everything I can about what makes our dogs tick, seeking education from organizations such as School of Canine Science, IMDT and even doing a mentorship program with reputable dog trainer, Craig Oglivie. All so I can offer the best quality training and advice for others struggling with unengaged and unenthusiastic dogs.


I’m not here to judge and I offer compassion and understanding every step of the way. However, if you’re hoping for a quick fix you’ve come to the wrong place. This type of training can take time and patience and if you’re looking for someone who has done it and has struggled with it to help guide you, then please get in touch and book a free phone consultation to get started!





...and filled with fun!

Qualifications & CPD

Courses, Qualifications & CPD 

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) Career as a Dog Trainer 2018

  • IMDT Instructors Course 2019

  • IMDT Perfect Puppy 2018

  • IMDT Canine Body Language 2018

  • IMDT Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation 2018

  • Behaviour Case Studies IMDT 2018

  • Therapy Dogs- PTSD with Rob Hewings of the UK College of Scent Dogs 2019

  • Absolute Dogs Pro Trainer 2018

  • School of Canine Science FEAR course

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers & Behaviourists (IMDTB) 2 Day Resource Guarding 2018

  • Canine First Aid 2018 

  • Tracking Instructors Course UK College of Scent Dogs 

  • Craig Oglivie- Interactive Play Instructors Course 2020

  • Craig Oglivie - Mentorship 2021

  • Herding Breeds Webinart Institute of Modern Dog Trainers 2020 

  • School of Canine Science - Puppy Lab 

Currently working on:

Scent for Six School of Canine Science

Behaviour Bible School of Canine Science