For many years we have loved and trained our own dogs, and after lots of hard work and learning we have decided to share our passion and know-how to help owners transform their bond with their dogs.


We work using kind, reward based methods designed to harness your dog's potential and help you to enjoy your dog once more! We are extremely passionate about making training fun, enriching our dogs lives and developing a mutually rewarding relationship.





...and filled with fun!



Jake is passionate about working with difficult dogs. For some, it is easy to adapt, others find training a little boring and will often find their own means of entertainment. Jake taps into our dogs natural desires to bring the fun back to us and create a motivating, engaging and exciting means of communicating and training with our dogs.


A number of years ago Jake introduced Crash, a welsh working Border Collie into the family. He was what we refer to as a ‘self-employed’ dog. Even when Jake had a pocket full of treats, Crash would much rather have fun on his own. Through harnessing Crash’s desire to play, chase, and herd, Crash went from a ‘couldn’t care less about you’ kind of dog to a dog that will choose Jake over anything in the environment. He now regularly demos in classes, and shows off the power of reward based training and motivating our dogs. Since then, Jake has been transforming the lives of ‘difficult’ dogs and their owners through these techniques, along with his in depth knowledge of dog training and behaviour this allows him to offer a unique perspective and insight for owners struggling with their dogs.



Jasmin specialises in reactivity, anxiety and aggression. Many dogs displaying these kinds of behaviours are quickly labelled as ‘bad’ dogs, but we know that they are all too often simply misunderstood. She offers a holistic and ethical approach to behaviour modification- addressing the root cause of your dog's issues, making lifestyle changes as well as working on their specific triggers and worries. We are not magicians, we don’t promise quick fixes- but instead a gradual, thorough plan that has a positive, long lasting impact on your dog. As an IMDT accredited trainer, Jasmin follows a strict code of ethics whereby she trains using evidence and science based modern training techniques. These techniques allow our dogs to blossom into happier companions with a new optimistic approach to the outside world. 


Being the owner of an anxious dog herself, Jasmin understands the hardship, the frustration and the embarrassment that comes with owning a reactive dog. As an owner, you will receive nothing but empathy, understanding and judgement-free advice. In order to provide ongoing support to reactive dog owners, Jasmin has set up a ‘reactive dog club’ where owners can train their dogs alongside like-minded people and chat with those that ‘get it’. As well as the reactive dog club, Jasmin offers 121 behavioural sessions, and her incredibly popular ‘Confident Canines’ class for sensitive dogs. 


Qualifications & CPD

​Accredited with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, the Dog Training College & Absolute Dogs- Pro Trainer 

Courses, Qualifications & CPD 

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) Career as a Dog Trainer 2018

  • IMDT Instructors Course 2019

  • IMDT Perfect Puppy 2018

  • IMDT Canine Body Language 2018

  • IMDT Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation 2018

  • Behaviour Case Studies IMDT 2018

  • Therapy Dogs- PTSD with Rob Hewings of the UK College of Scent Dogs 2019

  • Complete Canine Wellness with Dr. Isla Fishburn 2019

  • IMDT Loose Leaders 2019

  • IMDT Happy Recallers 2019

  • IMDT Mind Your Own Business 2018

  • Absolute Dogs Pro Trainer 2018- Jake Boland

  • School of Canine Science FEAR course

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers & Behaviourists (IMDTB) 2 Day Resource Guarding 2018

  • Canine First Aid 2018 

  • IMDT Fear Free Dog Training & Behaviour in the Veterinary Clinic 

  • Tracking Instructors Course UK College of Scent Dogs 

  • School of Canine Science Nutrition & Behaviour

  • Absolute Dogs Pro Trainer 2019- Jasmin Mason

  • IMDT Trainers Assessment 2020 

  • Craig Oglivie- Interactive Play Instructors Course 2020

  • Craig Oglivie- Communication, Arousal & Problematic Behaviours 2020

  • Fear Free Certified Professional 2020- For more information see

  • Separation Anxiety Webinar with Jo-Rosie Haffenden/School of Canine Science 2020

  • Herding Breeds Webinart Institute of Modern Dog Trainers 2020 

Currently working on:

International Parkour Association Trainers Course

Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement Level Three Correspondence Course IMDT

Scent for Six School of Canine Science

School of Canine Science- Puppy Lab