Classes & Workshops


Classes & Workshops

We offer a range of classes in workshops including Life Skills, Rapid Recalls Bootcamp, fun Sports classes such as Parkour & Tracking, and classes specifically struggling with anxiety or reactivity.

121 Training

121 Dog Training

This option is suited to those looking to address a particular training issue, or teach their dog new skills or behaviours. This may include life skills such as recall, calm behaviour in the house or walking nicely on the lead among other things!


Find out more about consultation and follow up packages: 

121 Behaviour Modification

121 Behaviour Modification

Our behaviour modification 121s are designed to help dogs that are struggling with issues such as reactivity, anxiety or resource guarding along with other behavioural issues. Through carefully designed behaviour modification plans, and support from us you can improve both you and your dogs quality of life- and start enjoying your time together!

We offer a comprehensive initial consultation and a range of support packages to suit everyone. 

Trainer Walks

121 Trainer Walks

This service is intended to help those build on their progress from our 121 sessions. It involves an hour long training walk during which your trainer will work with your dog out and about whilst you are at work or running errands. Updates will be given on how your dog did with suggestions on what to focus on next.